RP Meme 10 OTPs - #1 Charlie Fabray + Dani Berry

"You make me better. You make living and dealing with stuff not so scary anymore. I’m terrified, of so much. But you make that disappear. You make everything better, you make me better. I don’t want to be this person anymore. I wanna be who I was with you, I wanna be that person again. I wanna be worthy of you, or at least seem like I am to everyone else. I need to be yours again, I can’t watch you move on, just to see you talk to another girl kills me on the inside. I just wanna die knowing that someone else has touched you, that someone else has kissed those lips, that was supposed to be my job, I was supposed to make you feel good all the time, I wasn’t supposed to do the things I did but I did them and I’m so fucking sorry that I did. I just….I can’t live without you anymore. I can’t carry on without you being in my life. I can’t just be friends with the only person who has had my heart since the day I laid eyes on them. I just can’t."
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